Youth in East Northants Conference 2015: Jobs of the Future

"On Wednesday the 11th of November the school council went on a trip to the Pemberton Centre (Rushden) for the East Northants Youth Conference. The students had the opportunity to take a look at some organisations in the community such as: Service Six; Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service; NHS; Ambulance Service; District Council; and The National Apprenticeship Scheme. This year’s focus was Jobs of the Past and Future.

We looked at how current jobs may become computerised in the future. We got split into different tables with different schools from around East Northants, this meant that we all left with at least one new friend. We returned from the conference with lots of freebies such as: wristbands; stationary; LED keychains. We learnt how we would be entering a very difficult job market when we left school and the necessities of learning about the company or employer that is interviewing you before you attend the interview. The way we learnt was through games, fun activities and working with other people.

The day was an eye opener for the school council as it was proven that the smallest little detail like researching your employer could dramatically alter your chances of getting the job.

And lunch was fantastic!"

The College Council