College Council at the Youth in East Northants Conference 2016

On Wednesday 9th November 2016, Huxlow’s College Council went on a trip to the Pemberton Centre in Rushden for the annual Youth in East Northants (YEN) Conference.

The students had the opportunity to take a look at some important organisations who work in our community including Service Six, the NHS Ambulance Service, the Police, Voice and East Northamptonshire District Council. Abigail (Year 8) said “Voice told us all about their work and I enjoyed finding out how they help local children”; Voice support victims and witnesses of crime and is free, impartial and available to everyone, whether a crime has been reported to police or not. “I enjoyed talking to the Police because their work in our community is very interesting” added Luke (Year 8).

This year’s focus for the conference was Healthy Relationships, looking at what makes relationships healthy or unhealthy and how you can make changes in relationships. Students were put into groups with their peers from different schools from all over the district, which meant that everybody left with new friends. The team members were each assigned roles such as financial adviser, researcher, team leader, executive or designer. They had to work together to design a product, app or website to promote healthy relationships, with a hypothetical £2000 budget for development.

“Overall, it was a very good day and we all enjoyed it” said Luke (Year 8). “The activities we have been doing today will all be very helpful to us in the future” added Abigail (Year 8).