Year 7’s phizz-whizzingly inspirational visit to the Roald Dahl Museum

On Friday 13th May 2016, Year 7 students had a phizz-whizzingly inspirational visit to the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre at Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire to support their recent work in English.

“It was really cool because they had the real gates from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory there, the ones that had been in the film. I was so excited that I cried when I saw them”
Georgina (Year 7)

The “Boy” Gallery allows visitors to find out about Roald Dahl’s childhood. The students’ favourite exhibits here were the giant chocolate doors, inspired by his love of chocolate, and the mouse in the gobstopper jar, inspired by his childhood pranks. The gallery contains lots of original artefacts from his childhood including letters he wrote home to his mother from boarding school, his leather school bag and his school reports.

In the “Solo” Gallery, visitors can see Roald Dahl’s writing hut and his collection of “quirky mementoes” including a piece of his hip bone and a huge ball of foil from his Kit-Kat wrappers! The students were intrigued by the burn marks on the wall, a result of Roald Dahl’s habit of burning all the pages he was unhappy with when he was writing.

The Story Centre is the Museum's creative hub with displays designed to inspire the visitor’s own writing and story-making.

“It was fun to see how Roald Dahl imagined up all his stories and how he took inspiration from everything around him”
Louis (Year 7)

Roald Dahl lived in Great Missenden for 36 years and wrote all of his children's books and many of his adult short stories in the Writing Hut which he built in his garden there. Inspiration for many of Roald Dahl's stories came from sights in and around the village, so the students explored the local area, finding Danny's dad's petrol pumps (from Danny, the Champion of the World), Sophie's orphanage (from The BFG) and Mrs Phelp’s library (from Matilda), as well as Roald Dahl's grave.

“When we were looking at the exhibits and looking around the village, I liked the feeling that Roald Dahl had been in the exact same spot as we were – I found that fascinating"
Megan (Year 7)

They also visited the village Post Office, which used to deliver 4000 letters per week to Roald Dahl from readers all over the world.

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