RAIR opportunity for Year 8, building aspirations and resilience

Throughout the spring term 2017, 19 students from Huxlow’s Year 8 are participating in an extended project known as RAIR: Raising Aspirations and Increasing Resilience linked with the Sky Sports Living For Sport (SSLFS) programme. Lead by Huxlow’s PE Department and an Athlete Mentor from the Youth Sport Trust, the project aims to “create a group of RAIR Champions within school who will play a role in developing a culture of aspiration where young people have the resilience to overcome challenges that they will face on their journey.”

On Day 1, Thursday 23 February 2017, the 19 students selected were introduced to their Athlete Mentor, Andrew Bridge, a former international basketball player who has won medals at the Commonwealth Games. They participated in lots of games and activities, and were required to rate their progress throughout the day and set personal goals for the future.

Throughout the project, all the activities are designed to raise the students’ aspirations (ie. “hope or ambition to achieve things”, “wanting something more”, “having a long term vision”) and resilience (ie. “getting through challenging times”, “bouncebackability”, “using the downs to drive the ups”).

On Monday 27 March 2017, the students completed The Cube Challenge; the group were challenged to finish 9 out of 12 tasks within 50 minutes as a team. If they failed a task they had to start again from the first task and work their way through. All the tasks involved team work, communication and problem solving, such as Jenga Reach, Rope of Fear, Memory Cards, Bridge, etc. They successfully completed it with 5 seconds to spare!

The next challenge the group have been set is to come up with ideas to help the new Year 6 students with their transition to Huxlow in Year 7. Two ideas suggested include a motivational video to be shown at the Year 6 Open Evening and a wristband that all Year 6 students would get that includes vital information about Huxlow and motivational quotes.

The group members are also working on ice breaker activities that they will run during LORIC time with their form groups.

During the final half day of their project, Andrew Bridge will return to assist the students in presenting their ideas to Huxlow’s Senior Leadership Team and create a Legacy Project that will show how the RAIR project will last through the years at Huxlow.

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