Pilgrim Learning Trust

Huxlow Science College is a member of the Pilgrim Learning Trust (PLT). This charitable company was founded in 2012 to raise standards of Teaching and Learning in the 24 member schools and Academies. The PLT subscribe to the view that this can be achieved by peer review, supporting school leadership, developing staff and school to school collaboration.

The PLT also work to strengthen Governance within member schools by assisting with support and training. Members also benefit from budget savings realised by group procurement contracts, negotiated and managed by the PLT.

The PLT aims:

  • To raise standards in member schools/Academies
  • To work alongside local governing bodies, embedded in their communities, to ensure accountability, challenge and support
  • To grow the PLT locally at a pace appropriate to our capacity to make a difference to the education and lives of young people in our schools/Academies

The PLT shall:

  • challenge and support school leadership in teaching, learning, achievement and school management. Independent audits will be an annual feature so that clear information is available to the Governing Body on identified areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • develop our own staff within the schools/Academies of the PLT so that they are even more effective; and to do this from within our own collective expertise and through the Teaching School where appropriate
  • assist the functions of Governing Bodies through training and support
  • procure cost effective, high quality services that allow maximum allocation of school funds to teaching and learning
  • bring maximum autonomy to individual PLT members enshrined within the framework of our Agreement on:
    • Teaching, learning and student outcomes
    • Procuring and delivering cost effective, high quality services
    • Governance
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