Huxlow’s shoebox gifts are sorted and shipped

Year 7 and the Sixth Form would like to thank the whole Huxlow community for their generous donations towards shoebox gifts this year. They have now packed up 42 boxes for Operation Christmas Child, to be sent to communities in need across Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The shoeboxes were wrapped in colourful Christmas paper by a team of Huxlow sixth form students and then packed with a selection of toys, school supplies, hygiene items, accessories and sweets by Year 7. For each box they selected gifts appropriate for a boy or girl within a particular age range, and then also included a sheet to tell the recipient all about themselves.

“I was excited to get involved because I wanted to help people who don’t have as much as us” said Alice, Year 7. “I enjoyed packing the boxes – it was fun and got us working together as a team” added Lexie, also Year 7.

Representatives of Huxlow Sixth Form delivered the wonderful collection of shoebox gifts to St Peter’s Church in Irthlingborough on Monday 15th November 2016. From there, they will be taken to a sorting centre where the boxes will be checked and sealed before being sent on to the destination country in time for Christmas. We will find out in the New Year where our boxes have gone.