Mock EU referendum at Huxlow: 52% leave, 48% remain

As part of our Citizenship commitment at Huxlow, a Mock EU Referendum was held on Thursday 23 June. Students heard about some of the key facts from each argument in assemblies the previous week and followed this up with further research during tutor time.

On the day, students and staff cast their votes in a secret ballot in the Learning Centre. Members of the sixth form became Polling Officers for the day, supervising the voting process and counting the votes. “I think the mock referendum is great; it gives children an insight into their future and how their choices can impact the country” said Kira, Year 12. “It makes them feel included and take an interest in politics” added Courtney, Year 12.

“I voted to remain since my family are voting that way and I think it just makes sense. I think it’s great that we have the right to have a choice too in Huxlow’s referendum” said Georgina, Year 9. “I’ve voted to leave” said Jasmine, Year 9 “because I think we’ll be better off without the EU interfering with our politics and there’ll be more money to go to the NHS, the police, etc to support us”.

The outcome of the Huxlow referendum perfectly reflected the national outcome: 52% voted to leave, 48% voted to remain.

Two Huxlow students were interviewed on BBC Radio Northampton on Friday morning to discuss the results of both our mock referendum and the real thing.

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