Lessons from Auschwitz for Huxlow’s sixth form

Two sixth form students from Huxlow Science College joined their peers from across the East Midlands for the Lessons From Auschwitz Project, organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust, throughout March.

The project is completed in four parts:

  • An orientation seminar in Nottingham, where students met the groups with whom they would complete the project and attended a talk from Susan Pollack, a wonderful vibrant lady from London who was born in Hungary and was taken to Auschwitz as a teenager but survived.
  • A day trip to Poland to visit Oswiecim town, Auschwitz 1 and Auschwitz 2 Birkenau camps on Tuesday 14 March 2017
  • A follow up seminar in Nottingham for students to consolidate their experiences, hear from project ambassadors and plan their own next steps for spreading the lessons they have learnt
  • Students will complete their follow up work in school during the summer term, which will include creating a video and holding assemblies for all year groups.

“Honestly this experience is something I will never forget. Even though it was amazing to go to one of the biggest places in history, I don't think anybody including myself can completely understand what it was like for people who were prisoners here during the war, despite this it has for sure made me see things that have happened and that are going on to do with religion in a different way.

We had a speaker travel with us and when we had a ceremony in remembrance of the large amount of innocent people who lost their lives there, he said one thing that I will never forget. He said the holocaust started way before the camp, it started with words. Words said by powerful leaders, this made me think about how quickly something could change and this is why the remembrance of The Holocaust must never be forgotten.

I am so grateful that I got this chance to go visit and if people would ask if it is worth a visit, I would tell them yes because you never truly understand the scales of things. How big the camps were, the gas chambers etc until you are stood there right in front of them.”

C Owens, Year 12 

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