Inclusion Policy

All the College's policies and procedures are regularly reviewed by the Governing Body.

Inclusion Policy and Procedures

Inclusion Statement

  • We endeavour to achieve maximum inclusion of all students (including vulnerable learners) whilst meeting their individual needs.
  • Teachers provide differentiated learning opportunities for all the students within the school and provide materials appropriate to student interests and abilities. This ensures that all students have full access to the school curriculum.
  • Special Educational Needs might be an explanation for delayed or slower progress. We make every effort to narrow the gap in attainment between vulnerable groups of learners and others.
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) is not considered a Special Educational Need. Differentiated work and individual learning opportunities are provided for students who are learning EAL as part of our provision for vulnerable learners.
  • We focus on individual progress as the main indicator of success.
  • We strive to make a clear distinction between “underachievement” – often caused by a poor early experience of learning - and special educational needs:
    • Some pupils in our school may be underachieving but will not necessarily have a special educational need. It is our responsibility to spot this quickly and ensure that appropriate interventions are put in place to help these pupils catch up.
    • Other pupils will genuinely have special educational needs and this may lead to lower-attainment (though not necessarily to under-achievement). It is our responsibility to ensure that pupils with special educational needs have the maximum opportunity to attain and achieve in line with their peers. Accurate assessment of need and carefully planned programmes, which address the root causes of any learning difficulty, are essential ingredients of success for these pupils. These will be provided, initially, through Additional SEN Support funded from the devolved schools budget.

The role of the Governing Body in Inclusion

The objectives of the governing body in making provision for pupils with special educational needs are outlined in the 'Inclusion Statement' above. A description of how the governing body’s policies will contribute towards meeting these objectives can be found in the Inclusion Policy. The arrangements that have been made for co-ordinating the provision of education for pupils with special educational needs at Huxlow can be found in the Inclusion Procedures. There is a range of SEN provision across the school. However, Huxlow does not have a specialism or any special units. The Curriculum Committee evaluates the success of the education provided at Huxlow, including the results of all SEN children.

The Education Support Department's Annual Report to the Governors

Education Support Department's Annual Report for the academic year 2014-15
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Local Offer

The 'Local Offer' section of the Northamptonshire County Council website provides information about services for children and young people (aged 0-25) with special educational needs and disabilities:

Northamptonshire County Council: Local Offer
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