“Secondary school isn’t scary!” Huxlow Year 7-8 talk transition with Year 6 students

A group of six students from Years 7 and 8 have been visiting our local primary schools recently to talk to Year 6 students about transition. “Today is about showing the Year 6s who are coming up in September what it’ll be like, including telling them all the rules and expectations. We’ll give them lots of information about the houses, house points, homework and lots more” said Ashleigh, Year 7. “I remember being in that situation and it’s really fun to tell the Year 6s that secondary school isn’t scary and help them not to worry so much, because Huxlow is a really good school” said Becky, Year 8.

The students and staff at Irthlingborough Junior School were very impressed by the Huxlow students when they visited on Monday 20 June. “Meeting the Huxlow kids has been helpful because stuff I was worrying about before, I’m not worried about any more” said Maisy, Year 6. “I’m sort of looking forward to going to Huxlow. I can’t wait to do cooking, PE and science. I’m not looking forward to homework, maths or detentions” said Louisa, Year 6.  “The Huxlow students did very well; they were very clear, friendly and approachable. None of them seemed to be at all nervous about public speaking. Our Year 6 are largely happy and confident about starting Huxlow; they are just worried about getting lost!” said Mrs Underwood, Teacher of Year 6.