At Huxlow, we feel that an accurate and confident use of English is the key to enable our students to access the rest of the curriculum, and equips them with essential and valuable life skills.

All students are given the opportunity to develop and secure their English language skills through writing, reading, speaking and listening. In addition, we feel it is paramount that Huxlow students are given a wide range of literature to digest for learning and for pleasure. Our aim is, not only to help all students achieve their best in English, but also to ensure that they experience a broad and diverse taste of literature that will hopefully inspire them for a lifetime.

The English department staff

  • Ms H Barker – Learning Leader for English and Drama
  • Mrs V Peverell – Assistant Learning Leader for English
  • Mrs L Johnson – Teacher of English, Literacy Co-ordinator
  • Mrs K Letts - Head of Drama, Head of Key Stage 4
  • Miss G Roberts – Teacher of English and PE, Pastoral Leader for Year 10
  • Miss L Staley - Teacher of English
  • Miss C Killeen - Teacher of English
  • Miss C Wildman - Trainee Teacher of English
  • Miss R Moss - Literacy HLTA

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Students study a wide range of texts and writing techniques, as well as working individually and in groups to develop their speaking and listening skills. Progress is monitored through regular assessment and APP (Assessing Pupil Progress), which allows students to understand how to achieve at a high standard.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

Most students will work towards two separate GCSE grades, one for English Language and another for English Literature.

English Language is assessed through speaking and listening activities, controlled assessments and terminal exams. Students are required to express themselves as effectively as possible in writing, using good grammar and spelling, and to speak effectively to a range of audiences and for a variety of reasons. They will be reading and responding to different types of writing, such as novels, plays and poems as well as non-fiction texts.

The English Literature award involves controlled assessment and exams over the 2 years. Students will be reading and responding to various types of literary texts and one of the aims is to appreciate ways in which writers achieve their effects. Students will study prose, poetry and drama texts by 20th Century and pre 20th Century authors, including Shakespeare.

Qualifications which may be obtained at Key Stage 4
  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature


Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form)

Qualifications which may be obtained at Key Stage 5
  • AS / A2 English Language and Literature
  • AS / A2 English Literature
  • AS / A2 Media Studies

The East Northamptonshire College (TENC) combines the strengths of the three schools Ferrers, Huxlow and Rushden, who work together post-16 to offer a wide range of courses and opportunities to all students in the East Northamptonshire area.

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“The Chronicles” creative writing collection published

The “Ink Links” is a joint writing project between Irthlingborough Nursery and Infant School, Irthlingborough Junior School and Huxlow Science College. Following the phenomenal success of the original Ink Links several years ago who wrote, illustrated and published their own novel, ‘Reflection of Evil’, talented students from the three schools come together again regularly to work on their creative writing. The “Ink Links 2016” have been working hard to create “The Chronicles”, a collection of writings which can be downloaded below…. Enjoy!

"The Chronicles" by the Ink Links 2016
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Year 7’s phizz-whizzingly inspirational visit to the Roald Dahl Museum

Year 7 students had a “phizz-whizzingly inspirational visit” to the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre to support their recent work in English. “It was fun to see how Roald Dahl imagined up all his stories and how he took inspiration from everything around him” said Louis (Year 7) ......Read more

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LitKits: celebrating excellent progress in community literacy project

Huxlow Science College’s community initiative, “LitKits” was funded through a grant from the Northamptonshire County Council “Race to the Top” strategy. On Thursday 11th February 2016, a celebration event was held at Huxlow for all the young people who have been involved over the past six months......Read more

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