Education Support Centre

Fully refurbished in 2013, the Education Support Centre has excellent facilities to provide students identified with higher needs with all the support they need to realise their full potential. It provides a safe environment for any student who is experiencing difficulties in their academic life and offers guidance and support.

The Education Support Centre is situated at the heart of the College. It opens at 8am daily and before College officially begins many students visit the Centre to discuss the forthcoming day and ensure they are prepared for their lessons with equipment and completed homework. Often, it just provides a quiet place to be. For some students, the Support Centre is the most important place in the college and these young people feel a deep affinity with their support staff. 

Although the priority of the Education Support Centre is to support and care for those students with a Statement of Special Educational Needs/High Needs, the team also aim to identify any student who is experiencing difficulties and to offer guidance and support where they can. The ESC team work closely with staff in the Pastoral Centre to provide this pastoral care on a united front. The Support Centre is a place of refuge, safety and support for vulnerable students. It has become a “hub” for these young people and is a lively, vibrant part of the College.